Pastor Jim Patterson 
International Broadcaster – Gospel Singer
Pastor and CEO of Real Hope TV

In 1959 – Jim lost all hope and the reason for living, following the sudden death of his father and also the sudden loss of his Fiancé. Encouraged by a new friend, he knelt and prayed to a God that he only knew about –  but did not know.
His prayer was simple, yet proved to be life-changing for good.

“Oh God if you can heal my broken heart, dry my tears and give me hope, I will go to the nations of the world and tell them of the hope you gave me.”
God answered that prayer immediately and made Himself known to Jim. 
His great sadness was replaced with great joy and hope and his sobs were replaced with songs.
For 60 years, he has remained faithful to his promise to God and go to the nations of the world with a message of hope.
He has done this as a Pastor, a Gospel Singer, a Missionary to Uganda & Kenya – a Broadcaster on Radio since 1972 and a Guest Presenter on Revelation TV from 2011 – 2013. 
Since 2013, Jim has produced and presented live broadcasts on a regular basis on Facebook, and on his Website.
The aim of every broadcast is to share a message of hope, help, and encouragement to anyone who needs it.
To invite Jim to share about his journey of faith or to sing at your event, please send him an email to