Real Hope TV

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Real Hope TV was launched in September 2018 by Pastor Jim Patterson after 59 years of communicating the GOOD NEWS as a Pastor, Evangelist and Gospel Singer, also as a Presenter on Radio since 1972 and for two years as a Guest Presenter of several weekly  broadcasts on Revelation TV from 2011 to 2013.
Jim’s passion for broadcasting began as a promise to God on Friday 10th April 1959, when he was in a very dark place, because of a double bereavement.
His prayer was simple – “O God if You can heal my broken heart, dry my tears and give me HOPE, I will go to the nations of the world and tell them of the HOPE You gave me”.   God answered Jim’s prayer and since then, he has been on A MISSION OF HOPE.  From 1990 – 1996 Jim pioneered and directed a Mission in Uganda , East Africa, called Uganda Mission Of Hope.   Whether behind a pulpit,
or a mic on radio or a television camera – Jim shares about “A Future with HOPE”.